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The Latest

Bryonha most recently starred as Beth in the acclaimed new musical Life After at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. 


“Superbly played by Bryonha Marie Parham…” Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


“In the innocuously titled ‘Wallpaper,’ Parham’s Beth delivers an anthem of joy, love, anger and blazing anguish that’s on a par with “Rose’s Turn,” the iconic five-alarm barnburner from ‘Gypsy.’” Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times

“Equal to her composing skills is Johnson's ability as a lyricist/writer to capture in delicate detail the grieving process: frustration, humor, regret, sorrow that cannot be stanched and resolve to move on, which the superb Parham conveys in ‘Wallpaper,’ a towering cris de coeur from a widow determined to endure.” Barbara Vitello, Chicago Daily Herald

“Beth, played with warmth and barely-holding-it-together forthrightness by Bryonha Marie Parham, can’t wait to replace the flowered wallpaper in Frank’s former study with neutral beige paint, which feels like erasure to Alice. For Beth (as expressed with sorrowful passion by Parham in ‘Wallpaper’), it represents a chance to reclaim her own life from the shadow of her charismatic husband.” Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader


“Life After closes with three powerful numbers, [including] Beth's moving-on song, ‘Wallpaper’…” Jonathan Abarbanel, Theatremania

“Bryonha Marie Parham is an incredible vocalist and hits all the right emotional notes as Alice's mother Beth.” BroadwayWorld Chicago


Last fall, Bryonha played the title role in the new musical A  COMMERCIAL JINGLE FOR REGINA COMET Off-Broadway.

389.Bryonha Marie Parham in a scene from A COMMERCIAL JINGLE FOR REGINA COMET (photo by Ma

“…a very funny Bryonha Marie Parham…” Vinson Cunningham, The New Yorker


“Bryonha Marie Parham plays the title character in A Commercial Jingle For Regina Comet with tireless zest and good humor.”  Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times


“…played by Bryonha Marie Parham with a megawatt smile and voice to match…” Melissa Rose Bernardo, NY Stage Review

“…wall-rippling, roof-shaking pipes…” David Finkle, New York Stage Review

“It's Parham, however, who really embraces the wacky refracted reality of Regina Comet, exploiting it for maximum comic potential…her creative vocal interpretations of her text messages are a laugh riot.” Zachary Stewart, Theatremania

“The real standout is Bryonha Marie Parham, who is endlessly charming as Regina Comet and steals the show. The book never quite decides if Comet is supposed to be a genius or an airhead, so Parham just plays both, and her endless charisma sells it.” Joey Sims, New York Theatre Guide

167.Ben Fankhauser, Bryonha Marie Parham, and Alex Wyse in a scene from A COMMERCIAL JINGL
422.Bryonha Marie Parham and Ben Fankhauser in a scene from A COMMERCIAL JINGLE FOR REGINA

“Parham is a terrific singer and a game comedienne…” Jonathan Mandell, New York Theatre


“…Regina Comet, played by the immensely talented and always hysterical Bryonha Marie Parham…” Kobi Kassal, Theatrely

More Reviews

"Bryonha Marie Parham gives a wrenching display of grief as she sings “My Man’s Gone Now” over her husband’s coffin. " The Hollywood Reporter

"Bryonha Marie Parham brings the house down with the Act I curtain closer, “Cabaret.”"

New York Theatre Guide

"Bryonha Marie Parham delivers memorable performances of both "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" from Showboat and the title song from Cabaret. In the latter, she conveys a fascinating mixture of defiance and terror that makes us wish we could see a full production with her as Sally Bowles." Theatre Mania

"As the President’s Communications Director, Bryonha Marie Parham brings plenty of pizzazz and steel to her portrayal. She is someone not to mess with; that is clear. When she showed the full range of her operatic soprano while singing Act I’s “Bad Example,” (the difference between what is legal and what is right) that was one special to-be-remembered moment. She just shattered the place with her smooth vocal reach." DC Metro Arts

“Bryonha Marie Parham (The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess) delivered a rendition of “Summertime” in her silvery soprano that was utterly spellbinding.” The Boston Globe

“Act One climaxes with “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” a soaring number that showcases the vocal talents of Parham (it turned Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson into stars). But Parham is not content to show off her singing voice. In the course of delivering the song, she digs in to Effie’s character. Parham is indeed a virtuoso singer, but her acting chops are also stunning. When the lights came up at intermission, the woman next to me said, “I’ve heard that song plenty of times before, but it never moved me to tears like that.”” The Boston Globe

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