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       Welcome to my very first website.  I’m Bryonha.  It sounds like Bri-on-uh. I’ve spent my entire life assuring people that my name is not nearly as daunting as it looks. Contrary to popular belief, we DO indeed need that silent “h” and a “y” that does NOT sound like “i.”

       You are so welcome.

       I should tell you that I’m originally from Kansas City, Missouri, land of rolling plains, delicious BBQ, after hours jazz joints and a sizable collection of fountains. I love my hometown with all my heart! It has made me a super positive Midwesterner with a healthy dose of self-awareness and sarcasm. 

       I never thought I would like New York City and the lifestyle it required, but over the last eleven years of living here, I’ve come to call it home. I miss it after a few days. And how could I not love the city that has brought so many blessings to my life—a substantial career, the love of my life, and countless lessons of self worth. It really is true that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. I am forever grateful to this city and the woman it’s made me. 

       You should know that I’m now a Mrs. I consider our relationship one of my crowning achievements. My husband David is a writer. He is smart. He is kind. He is important.  He is a source of endless laughter for me—and I him. In fact we find ourselves SO funny, we started a podcast called “The Swirl with Bry & Dave.” Please go listen. Our analytics are a huge concern for my husband.

       I know that we’re in a global pandemic, but I have found much solace in staying in a place of gratitude. I would encourage you to join me there. From that place I can say that I will actually come out of this time different—not to mention I can now use GarageBand and iMovie competently, I can install my own hair extensions, I rewrote a pilot and started a podcast, and we’re not even halfway through the “pause!” If I, the biggest procrastinator on earth, can spring forth with new skills, I have the utmost faith in YOU. You got this. And we’ll all get through it together. Trust.


Thank you for stopping by,


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The Swirl with Bry & Dave

The aforementioned podcast that I host with my husband.

Rate, subscribe, and #tastetheswirl!

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